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ABOUT Laura Sau


Bachelors of Science in Architecture

Visualization Specialist at McFarland Johnson Inc.


-Painter at Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park NPS

-Sculptor, Muralist, Ironworker, Carpenter, and Painter at COST of Wisconsin Inc.

-Woodworker and CNC Operator at Crestview Doors​

-Resident Artist of House of Blues Boston

-Assistant Site Supervisor at Habitat for Humanity Boston


Always eager for a new adventure, Sau constantly explores new mediums as often as she travels. Sau uses the sights, sounds and people of new lands to inspire new art pieces, to express the beauty of human interactions and the spaces that encompass those relationships.

Contact Sau to inquire or brainstorm a new project. Let's manifest your ideas.

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Austin Valkyries Womens Rugby

Austin Valkyries Womens Rugby

Position: Scrumhalf, flanker, utility Photo Credit: Jessica Ward

Working the Saw Mill

Working the Saw Mill

Turtle Island Preserve Boone, NC

20 Colors / 20 Hours 2014

20 Colors / 20 Hours 2014

Fundraiser hosted by ColorCancer

Immersed in rugby culture for the past 10 years, Sau hops in on practices and games with any team she can while on the road, but pays most visits to her home team, the Austin Valkyries.

Inspired by the rugby lifestyle of hosting each other, being on the go, and having a huge heart for acceptance and community; Sau has become a founding board member of an organization called Rugby Relief. It is a network where rugby players can respond as relief to communities after natural disasters. Rugby players are the perfect candidates for debris removal with endurance for long hardworking days. Sau is currently the treasurer, graphics/ web designer, and an on-site team leader. They are currently in the works of getting their Non-Profit status.

As a part of her adventures, Sau frequents Turtle Island Preserve in Boone, NC, where she helps out the owner, Eustace Conway, in varying tasks to sustain the preserve year round. Tasks vary from handling/ caring for goats, horses, hogs and chickens; forestry skills in turning dead trees into lumber or firewood; buildings/ tools upkeep; as well as inviting and instructing new guests of the preserve.

Throughout the years, Sau has also participated in various awareness events, such as ColorCancer's annual 20 colors/ 20 hours fundraiser. Participants rode indoor bikes with an instructor, each group for an hour of the 20 hour long event, representing the 20 different types of cancer. Sau and three rugby friends decided to ride for all 20 consecutive hours, with just a 10 minute break on the hour. In 2014, when they completed this feat, Sau's group called 'Keep Austin Benign' was able to raise $5,550, contributing to a total of over $65,000 for the event that year.

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